The Riff Building Formula
  • Never show up for band practice with no ideas
  • Create astonishing riffs in minutes sometimes seconds
  • Rise to the level of the pros and become a full blown musician
  • Learn a wildly effective riff building method that almost feels like cheating
  • Learn how to analyze riffs so you can extract the essential lessons from what you hear
Anyone can learn this
Riff building is a skill that can be learned and anyone can. The traditional way of learning this skill is to learn a lot of other people's riffs and then at some point be able to put the pieces together yourself. This is not for me and it shouldn't be for you as well. You must learn to build riffs from the bottom up. Not from the basis of other people's creativity but from your own - And it is not hard. It takes a little practice but only a little.

15 minutes a day will get you there
Spend a little time each day coming up with just one idea using the simple methods and insights outlined in this course and you will become a master of riff building in very little time. When you are not confused about how to do something, it's no longer a stressful process. When you know exactly what to do in what order you also have confidence that you can get the job done and creativity will flow from you.

A step-by-step method
This course will allow you to generate hundreds and thousands of ideas for new riffs easily and fast. It is not a conversation about how to do it but a system of putting one thing on top of the other. It's like learning how to build a house only much simpler. But anyone can learn to build a house right? The art of building a special and great house is up to the craftsman. Become that craftsman and then never look back.
The Chord Progression system
  • Get the power to create progressions that will amaze even you
  • Never be without inspiration for new songs
  • Know how to create chord progressions for any style
  • Learn to combine chord progressions and riffs
  • Get the three step method for creating unlimited melodies
I used to struggle for hours trying to come up with great ideas for songs. It can be a super frustrating experience to try and compose a song while being unable to come up with melodies that sound interesting. 

What comes first the melody or the chords?
The melody might appear in your head and then you need the ability to put chords to that, but when you don't have any great ideas for a melody, try constructing a super interesting chord progression and I promise your head will overflow with ideas.

The ability to create interesting chord progressions will push your mind out of being uninspired. It will force you to go places you haven't gone before because you have to follow the chords you created. It is the most effective way to come up with a ton of great ideas for songs in the most rapid way possible. 

Generate more ideas than you can use
In this course I will show you how you can create fantastic chord progressions in seconds, literally. Once you know how to do it following a simple system of sequencing, you can generate more ideas than you can use. Anyone can do this, even someone who never played an instrument in their life. 

This process is not an art
The art comes in when you start choosing what combinations of chords and what progressions you want to stick with. That's the art. That's you making unique and personal choices. But the mere creation of chord progressions is a learnable skill.

The Software That Any Aspiring Master Must Own
  • Slow down riffs so you can hear what is going on
  • The software will maintain the pitch but decrease the tempo dramatically
  • Extract every important lesson from your favorite songs
  • Train your hear and learn to hear chords, scales and notes
  • Learn to play any song you love without access to tabs
Go Slow to Get Fast
As a musician or an aspiring musician you can’t just pull out amazing runs or solos at will, unless you spent time learning them. Now here’s how you can do it faster, quicker and more efficiently.

To learn any difficult piece of music you must be able to hear all the notes and the way the musician plays the notes. The Riffmaster Pro slow down music app with upgraded technology now makes it a breeze for you to play virtually anything. Slow down those blistering solos so you can pick out each note and nail it. You can gradually build up speed until you are just as fast as your favourite player.

This is the difference between you becoming an average guitarist, or one master guitar player.
Get an unfair advantage over other guitar players. We’ve all heard that the best guitarists can play by ear, Right? Here is your chance to catch up. By using the RiffMaster Pro you will be training your ear to perfection as well as learning the songs you love.

The Riffmaster Pro Software is unlike anything else you’ve ever come across. Why? Because it was designed by a musician specifically for Musicians. By a musician, just like you, not by some corporation trying to make a quick buck in the music market. You’ve probably seen them trying to sell you poorer quality software for more money.

Loopable Super Licks
  • Eradicate the pain of not being able to keep your lines going
  • Learn the skill of making your lines last for as long as YOU want
  • Eight incredible and never ending licks
  • Practice method instructions and examples
  • 10 inspiring jam tracks that makes practicing fun
How do you keep that lick moving and changing for as long as you want?
I know you have been frustrated about not being able to keep that line, that lick going when you solo. But there is no mystery to that: The reason for your frustration is that you are missing a skill that can be learned and you need to practice it.

The pathway to your new skill
The eight Loopable Super Licks are not just pre-composing entities that you learn and can fire off in your solos. They are the pathway to your new skill. Every lick will teach you a new way to loop and continuously change what you are playing in order to create never ending lines that keep developing under your fingers. 

Take control and enjoy the rewards
This is such an important skill to learn because when you have it, you don't ever have to experience the pain of having to stop. You put yourself in the driver's seat and take control. The feeling of being able to continue your line until YOU think it should end is amazing. It's freedom and pure soloing power.

Seamless integration
In this brand new course I will take you through four blues scale and four diatonic scale based loopable super licks. I will play each lick fast and slow in the beginning of the session and then explain it to you afterwards. Then I will give you examples of how to get into and out of the licks and give you a specific practice methods that you can use to integrate them into your own playing.
  • How to know what to focus on in what stage of your development
  • How to lay out a practice plan in minutes
  • How to structure each practicing session
  • How to make sure you get maximum results out of your time
  • How to create and maintain the most effective daily practice routine
  • How to practice and train all day
Key practice techniques and methods
In this 90 minute course I have boiled down all my insights and method to the most important and effective. I will give you an easy way to create and constantly adjust your daily practice routine so that you get the most results no matter at what stage you are on.

It's easy when you know how
Creating a wildly effective practice routine is easier than most would think, but you have to know how to do it. When you have my simple step-by-step method you can get out of confusion and into being completely focused, knowing that what you do each day will give you the best results.

More demand on both hands
Being self taught is a challenge, but it's also the only way to go if you want to reach the limits of what you can learn to do. You must be self driven and motivated and cannot rely on an outside force to drive you. Eliminating confusion is the first step towards massive levels of passion and motivation and that's what we're going to focus on in this course.
Advanced Alternate Picking Licks
  • Complex but fast sequences
  • Impressive string skipping licks
  • Arpeggio techniques explained
  • Odd numbers licks bound to challenge you
What you get
You get over and hour of video, packed with extremely useful alternate picking licks. Everything is explained in detail right on the screen so anyone can follow. You don't need to spell your way through complex tabs and you can start practicing these speed devils no matter what skill level you are on.

How are these licks "advanced?"
The easiest alternate picking licks are those that consists of three notes per string played from the lowest to the highest or vice versa. It's easier to follow the scale up and down than it is to mess around with the notes on each string.

So any lick that consist of sets of three notes up or three notes down on each string would belong in the "easier" department, where as licks that consist of different combinations of 3 notes would be harder or more advanced if you like.

More demand on both hands
In this course we're going to explore more ways of using the alternate picking technique. This means that we're going to put more demand on the fingers of your left hand and! we're going to challenge the right hand as well.
  • Break the consistency of alternate picking
  • My favorite alternate picking/legato licks
  • Comfortable to play once you've learned them
  • Everything is explained in detail on the screen. 
  • No need to spell your way through complex tablatures.
Alternate picking and legato licks and runs
Loosen up your playing with these powerful and extremely convincing licks. Everything is explained in detail right there on the screen. No need to spell your way through complex tablatures. 

The video is packed with licks that mix alternate picking and legato technique. Mixing the two techniques allows you to achieve a fluent and relaxed playing style and you'll develop more variety in the sounds you produce. 

70 minutes of effortlessness
In this video, I'll show you a lot of ways to break the consistency of alternate picking. I'm going to show you my favorite alternate picking slash legato licks. And the reason why they are my favorites is, they are comfortable to play once you've learned them. There are so many licks and sequences that never really become easy to play, but these ones do.

Reap the rewards of crossing the bridge
There are several advantages to loosening up your alternate picking style with legato elements. 

1. Alternate picking is challenging technique to learn. Especially if you're somewhat new to it and the  legato parts of these licks allows you to take a break from the constant picking up and down motion. 

2. Because these licks are much easier to play than pure alternate picking licks, they cause you to use alternate picking more often and this actually makes you better at alternate picking. And when you have a quick alternative to your alternate picking licks, you take more chances and use more of your alternate picking skills.

3. These licks sound great, because of the mix between the noisy pick strokes and the soft fluid legato notes. This contrast between these two very different sounding techniques creates an interesting blend.

4. They create a bridge between the two techniques so learning them will also give you the ability to effortlessly shift between alternate picking and legato, because the licks themselves are the bridge. This gives you more freedom and a more fluid playing style.



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